Investment at landscape scale

Aurora Impact is focused on creating a new wave of natural economic development opportunities for regions and cities, improving the quality of life, environment and creating jobs for citizens and wellbeing for communities. 


We are an incubator and accelerator of evergreen enterprises and long term investment to effectively and profitably regenerate 1 billion hectares of degraded grasslands worldwide. As a neutral convener and organizer of co-investors we enable combining high impact ventures and projects at multiple scales, offering synergies, reduced risks and shorter execution times.


We actively create and transact investable deals that deliver land restoration results and financial returns for investors in a wide variety of sectors worldwide. We design-build and execute systemic projects that engage the participation of a range of investors and generate a consistent source of capital to ensure the evergreen potential of these projects.


We conduct high intensity events to achieve results in compressed time at landscape scales. We implement Nature Enterprise Zones modelled on the well-known Special Economic Zones real estate model, creating waterfalls of benefits that are adequate for pensions, endowments and foundations to fulfil their governing charters of trust.


Restoring land is the single largest clean energy source via photosynthesis.

The major means to improve water retention and sequester carbon.

Indispensable to grow food, fibres and store water to address world needs.

Create investable assets with adequate returns for long term capital.

Achieve results in compressed time frames.

Our Philosophy

What we do

We bring together the key players that make up our regions through live incubation Lab events and technology solutions. We capture what comes out of these initiatives in large scale prototypes through design-build-operate ventures, and share the opportunities with long term investors, partners and the community at large.


Partnership Development

Communities, projects, land owners, groups craft regeneration programs that require training, leasing herds and implementing watering services. Cash flow splits are agreed and committed to for over a 10 to 20 year period. Proof of agreement is the basis for issuing our crypto accounting units (not a currency).

The accounting units represent agricultural products and services that grow in mass as land regenerates and time passes and is monitored on site and remotely. Triple bottom line, economic, social and environmental impact.

Currency Incubation

We think this can be done profitably with an “enterprise model” integrating revenue streams from multiple business models (land management, food and fibres, clean energy, ecosystem services and others), to create a waterfall of benefits that are adequate to create asset-backed crypto units of account.

Our belief is that “evergreen enterprises” are optimally suited to achieve systemic change and deliver forever returns to heroes of impact.

Commercial model

To implement large scale prototypes we use holistic planning and management at landscape scale creating a common execution framework for multiple business models. Working closely with organizations on the ground implementing with communities over hundreds of thousands of acres.

When you acquire our crypto units of account you are buying an asset that is your property symbolized by the unit of account and traceable to a specific herd, operating on a specific land. The model allows you to chose to mutualize the risks of nature and man acting against your inventory, ensuring your inventory grows in value as it matures. This creates incentives to hold as the maturation is exponential over a 5-10 year period – as in holding whisky.



What are the 100 things we can do to drawdown atmospheric carbon, make rain effective and tap clean energy to produce sustainable food and fibre, restore nature and stay within planetary limits?

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Nature Rebounds or does it?

Today we reproduce the paper by Jesse Ausubel (Rockefeller University) that presents a thoroughly contrasting and  generally positive view to that we reviewed last week from Pope Francis encyclical Laudato Si, which presented  the meme in today’s world that we are slowly (or perhaps even rapidly in some instances) destroying our global environment. The positive trends Ausubel analyzes and presents

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“Future Ready Now” Investors Lab moved to Sep 2015

Dear Future Ready Now co-design Lab guests, It is with much regret that we are forced to move the dates of our work session to September 19-22, 2015. All of us, organizers, conveners, co-founders and guests alike have worked hard and adjusted our schedules to be able to join forces in Milan and be part of this important work session.  World

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